Emily J was co-host of the CJ and Emily J Morning Show for six exciting months. Shortly after leaving her husband back in Georgia to take the radio job in Lafayette, she found out she and husband Garrett Koek were going to have a baby. When the Army didn't transfer Garrett to Louisiana as planned, and with a baby on the way, the right decision for all was for Emily to move back to Georgia. Well, everyone is doing well and baby Miles Jacob Koek is almost 8 months old. Can you believe it?

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Miles will be 8 months old on April 20th. He crawls and climbs on everything. He walks while holding on to the couch and he's already practicing standing on his own.

He is very adventurous and goofy. He hates food. I can't get him to eat anything. Maybe he's not my child after all, says funny mom Emily J.

Miles has five teeth, likes playing with the dog and going for walks. Baby Koek, also enjoys something we could all use right now...a laugh.

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