Emily J

Emily J Had The Baby! [First Photo]
Emily J was co-host of the CJ and Emily J Morning Show for six glorious months. Shortly after leaving her husband back in Georgia to take the radio job in Lafayette, she found out she and husband Garrett Koek were going to have a baby. When the Army didn't transfer Garrett to Louisiana as pla…
How To Get The First CJ And Emily J T-Shirt FREE
They're heeeeere, the first CJ and Emily J t-shirts! You voted on the 3 different designs from Rytek in St. Martinville and that image has come to life on the inaugural CJ and Emily J in the Morning t-shirt. Now it's time to get YOU one FREE!
Emily J Can't Make Her Confetti Cannon Work
At the end of a very well attended recent remote broadcast at Hit N Run Convenience Store on Congress, to celebrate, Hit N Run representatives Larry and Andrew and Emily J from KTDY set off confetti cannons. Well Larry and Andrew set of their's, Emily J, not really lol.
Get A Free Mardi Gras "Caution Baby Inside" T-Shirt
Emily J's Mardi Gras "Caution Baby Inside" t-shirts have arrived just in time for Fat Tuesday. With child herself, my morning show partner has her very own t-shirts to throw this Tuesday for her very first float ride in a Lafayette Mardi Gras.
CJ Takes Emily J To Candyland Cottage, She Is AMAZED
Candyland Cottage and Ice Cream Shoppe, with locations in Scott and Rayne, is a valued advertiser on the CJ and Emily J Morning Show on 99.9 KTDY. Candyland Cottage specializes in various candies from today and the old days. Another specialty at Candyland Cottage is the World's Largest Gummy …

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