Once upon a time I had to dress up as the Easter Bunny and, let me tell you, trying to be the big guy isn't as egg-citing as you might think.

I may have a bunny-toothed smile painted on my face, but looking at this picture still gives me nightmares. The costume was hot and itchy and the makeup my mother so generously smeared on my face was melting off into my eyes. Honestly, I'm pretty sure just the sight of me made a few kids cry.

So, how did I end up in this less than egg-cellent situation? Like any normal 12-year-old I was easily bribed by a $15 mall gift certificate. Looking back at it now I definitely think I deserved at least double that, but hey, some bunny's gotta hop into the costume and on this special day that some bunny was me.

I have to give the real Easter Bunny props for all his hard work. I mean, I barely lasted an hour trying to hand out candy and eggs. The struggle is real!

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