No doubt emotions were high leading into Saturdays game when LSU took on Alabama.

LSU rolled into Tuscaloosa and did what many weren't able to do for years. They beat Alabama in front of their home crowd.

To say that emotions were running high before, during, and even after the game is an understatement. Coach O was literally in tears after the game professing his love for his team, school, and state.

While we don't know what the regular hype-speeches sound like from Coach O, this one in particular was videoed by a player.

The video is NSFW due to language.

While this is probably normal in a football locker room. During the week, I'm sure they're talking family business just like this. That being said, Reggie Bush brought up a good point about this particular video.

Should it go so far as players who video this kind of thing in a locker room be kicked off the team?

What are your thoughts on Coach O's speech, the fact that it was videoed, and now "family business" is out for all to see?

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