My mother had a saying (and I am sure it wasn't an original, but she said it often anyway) that went like this: "One day at a time."

Of course, she would modify that phrase to "one thing at a time!" when I got too excited about stuff, but she would remind us constantly to take things as they come. She would also remind us to make the best of what we had, not by preaching, but by teaching us through the way she lived her life.

"Do stuff now so you don't have to do it later" was one of her mantras (that I still have trouble learning, as I have put off writing this for several days already) that, when I take a moment to put into action, works to help better my day.

Through the years, I have tried all of these ideas and found that they work. Now I just have to try to do them all every day (maybe the boat ride would be tough to do every day but, hey, a guy can dream!).

Here are easy ways to have a better day, partially inspired by my mom.

Easy Ways to Have a Better Day

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