2017 is already looking up. The early reports from Louisiana crawfish producers suggest that the season is going to be pretty darn good. So far the harvest of the state's signature crop is running along with the long-term averages.

LSU AgCenter Aquaculture Specialist Mark Shirely told the Louisiana Radio Network that despite the tumultuous weather of last year things aren't looking bad at all.

But the ponds look in pretty good shape. As far as the rest of the season, there’s going to be a lot of crawfish available for people to enjoy.

While the start of the season is quite promising Shirley suggests that like any agricultural product producers are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

If we get some more cold weather like we had last weekend, down in the 20s, that’ll show things down for a while but these frequent frontal passages actually help crawfish to mold and grow a little bit more.

As far as prices are concerned Shirley says that the typical early season higher prices are what most consumers are seeing right now. He does believe that will change as the season progresses. When the supply increases the prices will go down.

Crawfish are still at good deal compared to going out and getting a steak or even fried chicken, it’s still worth it to go out and get some good Louisiana crawfish.

Mark, you don't have to tell us twice.




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