Gameday is here and the final LSU hype video before National Championship kickoff will give you chills.

LSU has had an epic season and every hype video seems to outdo the one before it. From the visual that dropped before the battle with BAMA to the infamous Boosie remix video, LSU's media department has been on fire all season.

Did they save the best for last? Their final hype video before National Championship kickoff is narrated by none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and will give you chills from the moment you press play.

The line that sticks out to me the most was when Johnson said, "The closer I get to the finish line, the more I think about where I started."

If anything that one line sums up the journey that we've all been able to witness as this team tries to win one more to seal their legacy as the best team in LSU history and arguably one of the best college football teams of all time.

One. More. Game. #GeauxTigers

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