Lafayette legend Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier faced off against combat-sports phenom Conor McGregor in 'UFC 257' on January, 23 of 2020. Poirier defeated McGregor in round two of the fight by technical knockout.

The main event of 'UFC 257' began with Poirier and McGregor touching gloves, as the lead-up to this fight has been full of class and respect from both camps.

The two fighters, both at 32-years-old, entered round one exchanging warm-up blows. The first take down from Poirier put McGregor up against the fence, as the two worked midway through round one of five.

The two worked back to their feet, as shoulders were exchanged deep into the first round. With 90 seconds remaining, the two fighters got back to changing blows. Both fighters showed exceptional boxing ability early in this fight, as round 1 ended with both fighters still standing.

Round two kicked off with more action, as both fighters exchanged blows. Poirier attacked the leg of McGregor with kicks early in the fight and the effects were apparent. As the round developed, Poirier began to find his stride as more and more punches landed on the head of McGregor. Poirier followed through on his punches, eventually driving McGregor to the ground and finishing the fight by TKO.

Here is a look at the action-packed card that made up the UFC 257 card below via @ufc on Twitter.

With the entire world watching, both McGregor and Poirier took home a guaranteed $6 Million. The split goes $5 Million to McGregor and $1 Million to Poirier. Check out the specifics from @MiddleEasy below.

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