A top heart doctor in Louisiana says that he is leaving the state over Legislation passed in Baton Rouge.

The pediatric heart doctor told WDSU that he and his family have decided to leave the state of Louisiana after recent legislation passed that was anti-LGBTQ.

The young doctor in the video below says that he and his family will be leaving Louisiana in the weeks ahead, and they plan to move to New York.

After this video surfaced on Twitter, a number of people questioned the doctor's real concern for kids in the state of Louisiana.


Some suggested that if the medical professional really cared about the kids in Louisiana, he would not let politics interfere in his care and services for the kids here.

State Legislatures in Louisiana voted to prevent medications from being prescribed to alter one's gender, then the Governor vetoed that.

In a special session, Legislatures returned and then overrode Governor Edwards' veto.

This vote or override in Baton Rouge is what has allegedly convinced this pediatric heart doctor to relocate to New York.


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