She got away with it for only so long.

A woman in Allen Parish has been arrested after she allegedly posed as a dermatologist and treated patients in her own "practice".

KNOE reports that Erica Giles had opened up a practice and was offering services she was not licensed to perform in the city of Oakdale, La.

In the building that was set up to be Giles' practice, she reportedly had a post-secondary education diploma from Northwestern State University on display, indicating that she was a Doctor of Dermatology.

Not only did she never attend the School of Dermatology, but Northwestern State doesn't even have such a program or college on its campus. The diploma on display was fake.

According to KNOE's report, Giles was arrested and booked into the Allen Parish Jail for theft by fraud and possession of a fraudulent post-secondary education degree.

Authorities in Allen Parish are asking if anyone went to Giles for treatment to please contact them at 337-639-4353 for further questioning as they continue their investigation.

Erica Giles is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. To read more on this investigation, visit KNOE.


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