I have been hearing the term "Flatten the Curve" a lot lately. I wish it was an easy way for me to lose a bunch of inches off my waist. Unfortunately, "Flatten the Curve"  is associated with the coronavirus. I stumbled upon a video that truly explained the importance of flattening the curve and it finally made sense to me.

Dr. Emily Porter is a board-certified emergency physician and used her 15 years of experience to explain why it's imperative that we all stay home to give our friends and family members a fighting chance.

"Frustrated you're having to homeschool until April? Upset your favorite bar is closed? Feel like this whole #coronavirus thing is being blown out of proportion because it's "not even as bad as the flu"? Here I use my whiteboard and my 15 years of experience as a board-certified emergency physician to explain why every American who has a mother, a friend with diabetes, a neighbor who is a breast cancer survivor must do his or her individual part to take drastic measures to #flattenthecurve. The lives of MILLIONS of Americans depend on it."

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