Does your zodiac sign really have an impact on your life or is it all just nonsense?

According to a poll of 24,000 people, a third of them believe that zodiac signs really do reflect peoples personalities.

I'm not gonna lie, I love reading my daily horoscope and I definitely think a lot of my personality traits line up with my zodiac sign, but I also can't help but think a lot of that "stuff" is just coincidental.

I mean, sometimes my horoscope tells me I'm going to have a 9 out of 10 day and it ends up being complete trash. I don't think any of my love horoscopes were what pushed me to find the love of my life. And I doubt on my "good money" horoscope days that I've ever actually come out any richer, but every so often something aligns and it gives me a little hope that maybe the stars are on my side.

Astrology is fun and all, but is there any actually science behind this stuff? According to the smart people at Berkley, not so much.

Astrology isn't very testable and in a few cases where astrology has been used to generate testable expectations the results all basically said "nah, this astrology stuff ain't real".

But does it really matter if astrology is "real" or not? If it's real to you then that's all that matters.

Hey, who's to say that Mercury in retrograde isn't the reason why you have a terrible day?

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