Shout out to everyone with a sweet tooth.

According to Ladders, you can have your cake and eat it too!

A new study titled If I indulge first, I will eat less overall: The unexpected interaction effect of indulgence and presentation order on consumption.” shows the correlation between sequential food choices and calorie intake. Basically, it found that people who started with dessert first during a meal were more likely to make healthier choices with their entree.

Nearly 70% of the participants that chose the cheesecake went on to select healthier savory dishes. Conversely only a third of those that chose fruit before the savory dishes went on to choose something healthy later. On balance individuals that picked cheesecake first, consumed 250 fewer calories by the time the meal was over.

So, eat that cake and indulge in that ice cream! Just do it at the beginning of your meal.

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