According to CNN, Disney is doing away with its FastPass+ and MaxPass programs, replacing them with the "Genie".

The theme park's new program, the Disney Genie, is a virtual assistant that will allow you to make the most of the magic of Disney.

According to the story, the free service will be part of the already existing Disney app, and all you have to do is tell it what you are interested in, and the Genie takes it from there. From the food to the rides to the characters, the Genie will help you make the most of your time at Disney.

With the FastPass and MaxPass being phased out, Disney's replacement will be called the "Lightning Lane". Allow me to explain the difference between the "Lightning Lane" and the "Fastpass": $15. Per day, per ticket.

The FastPass was free, and it allowed you to plan your trip so that you could schedule a time to be on any particular ride. As long as you got to the ride line on time, there was little-to-no wait time. With the "Lightning Lane", there will still be little-to-no wait time, but it'll cost you $15 each day. Per person.

Walt Disney World Resort Reopening
Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images

CNN also points out that the new "Genie" is great for Disney guests because it helps them plan their trip to maximize their experience. It also allows for Disney to rake in more dough, because when a guest waits in lines for shorter periods of time, it gives them more time for shopping, dining, and trinket-hunting in the gift shops.

I guess that I need to put a trip to Disney on my list of "Things to Do", as it has changed some since the last time I went. When was that, you ask? It was the year after it opened: 1972.

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