As parents, we all want our kids to have better grades.

While studying for an exam is probably the best thing one can do to improve their chances for a better grade, one simple method to improve test grades seems to work too.

Many of us who have taken exams in school know that it can be a challenge when it comes to improving grades, so researchers at the University of Missouri have looked at ways to improve test results.

In a recent study, researchers had some students write the letter "A" on a piece of paper, and others write the letter "F" on their sheet of paper.

Then, researchers had the students stare at the letter for an hour, and then take an exam.


According to their findings, researchers found the "A" group got an average score of 92.3% on their exam, while the "F" group got an average of 78.5%.

Yes, all that it took was for students to see the letter 'A" to improve their test scores.

So, why would staring at the letter "A' improve a test score? According to those conducting the research at the university, "Exposure to the letter A made the students [subconsciously] approach the task with the aim to succeed, while exposure to the letter F made them want to avoid failure."


This finding reminds me of what several athletes have said through the years. Many say that they have had some of their best performances after taking time to visualize what will happen, like a basketball going through the rim.

Subconsciously, if you see success happen prior to the actual event, your mind is trained and set on reaching the expected outcome.

To read more on this very interesting study, click HERE.

Again, as parents, we all want what is best for our kids in the classroom, and if this simple 'trick" works, it may be worth trying the night before an exam.


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