They're doing more than smoking in the restroom.

Remember the days when you were in school and you asked to go to the restroom just to get out of class? Well, kids still are doing this, but they are also going to the restroom for another reason these days.

I can recall going to the restroom while in school and you'd meet up with friends and talk, then return to class. Now, kids are going to the restroom while in school to create content.

Students are reportedly skipping class more and more these days to go into the school's restroom to shoot selfies in the mirrors and school officials may have had enough.


A middle school in North Carolina recently removed all of the mirrors from their restroom as a way to deter students from skipping out on class to shoot content videos, which are posted on various social media platforms.

School officials there told WTVD that once the mirrors were removed, they noticed students staying in class more and not requesting so many restroom breaks. In return, this fostered better performances by the students in the classroom.

Now, we ask, will other school districts do likewise? If students are abusing this privilege to visit the restrooms during instruction time, to shoot content videos, I can see more school officials removing mirrors soon.

Most of the videos being shot in the restrooms at the middle school in North Carolina were posted on TikTok, where it's estimated that 50 million people in the U.S. use this social media platform.

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