Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando had some guests leaving soaked and it wasn’t from rain. One of the popular rides, The Jungle Cruise, had a boat that sunk while passengers were on board. The Jungle Cruise takes passengers on an exotic river ride and it's guided by a comedic driver.  Thursday, February 26th around noon the boat started to take in water while in the middle of a passenger ride. The boat that sunk is the Bomokandi Bertha. It’s been reported that this caused the ride to be shut down for almost 2 hours. The Jungle Cruise waterway is pretty shallow so fortunately there were no injuries and everyone was safely unloaded.

I know a lot of Louisiana folks head to Disney for Mardi Gras break. If any Cajuns were on the boat, I have no doubt they weren’t affected since they know all about floods, bayous, and swamps.


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