Some people will do just about anything for attention on social media.

The latest TikTok trend this summer has people jumping off from speed boats and now another person has sadly passed away.

Videos across the social media platform show people jumping from speed boats and into the water.

What those jumping into the water don't take into account here is speed and surface strength.

Some basic physics will tell you that jumping from a speed boat is not a great idea, as a matter of fact, it can be suicidal.

Twitter via PMW HipHop
Twitter via PMW HipHop

Police say that a 4th person attempting this "challenge" died in Alabama after they jumped from the boat and hit the water.

Authorities say most died instantly from a broken neck.

We share this with you so that you're aware of this trend and you may want to even discuss the dangers of this with loved ones.

Through the years, we have seen so many innocent people die over something they were attempting to do that they saw on social media, and it's a death that could have been prevented.

Check out this recent report in the national media highlighting this very dangerous challenge as more and more people get on the water this summer.


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