Did Religious Leaders Force Tom Cruise To Divorce Nicole Kidman?  According to a documentary that premiered Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival, "Going Clear" the answer is "yes".

Marie Claire also posted a story about the documentary, stating that higher-ups in the Church of Scientology conspired with Tom Cruise to spy on his wife, Nicole Kidman.

The documentary's information about Cruise and Kidman's divorce are reminiscent of the rumors about Cruise's divorce from his previous wife, Katie Holmes.  The film, according to reports at USA Today, also claims that John Travolta won't leave the Church of Scientology because they know too many secrets about his life.

By the way, there were rumors a couple of years ago about Tom Cruise shooting a film in Louisiana, a Sci-Fi movie; did that ever happen?  If so, I totally missed the hype!

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