While some in the cinema and gaming communities choose to believe the atrocious Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993 does not exist, many still use it as a reminder that video games do not make live-action great movies.

So, rather than attempt that again, Hollywood has instead pulled together a cast for an animated movie about the legendary Italian plumbers and their adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom.

When Chris Pratt was first announced as the voice of Mario, the Internet collectively groaned. The traditional voice actor for Mario for decades is still alive and, presumably, available. However, there must have been some great desire for a fresher, younger voice?

Well, the first trailer for the movie is out.

The depictions of the key characters are really good. But, you can expect that when the legacy video game company, Nintendo, partners up with a studio like Illumination - the company behind the Despicable Me and Minions movies, among others.

However, while Jack Black's voice for Bowser is pretty on-point, the Internet has taken to absolutely blasting Pratt's voice acting.

Now, to be absolutely fair to Pratt, he says less than 10 words in the trailer. Maybe it's not the best sample. But he did say he spent a lot of time working on that voice, and if that's the best he can offer... well, I dunno.

Still, the trailer looks good, which is also a pretty universal review of it. A lot of folks want to see the movie, they just don't like the lead's voice acting.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie heads to theaters in April.

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