Genie Bertrand, from Meaux, recently caught something on her home security camera she can't explain. Bertrand says she's always been a skeptic of ghost videos and the supernatural but, after seeing this, she's certainly having a tough time finding a solid explanation.

The incident, just one of a few as you'll see below, happened January 26, 2021 at approximately 5am. In the video you'll see her boyfriend Travis Landry pulling out of the driveway. As his truck begins moving forward, an ghostly white figure can be seen moving the opposite direction of the truck toward her house.

Bertrand tells us in an exclusive interview that "I honestly don't know why I pulled it up (surveillance camera footage) to watch because I never do...but something told me I should i guess."

When she first saw the footage she immediately figured it was just some sort of reflection or glare. However, once she zoomed in and watched it again, it all became a completely different situation.

Genie Bertrand tells us via Facebook -

"My brother Brandon Benoit passed away from heart complications from his artificial heart valve (open heart surgery when he was 14 he was born with a hole in his heart) at the age of almost 40 July 29th 2020. I have and have always had cameras everywhere around our home. Including our outdoor kitchen. Within 2 days of him passing I started getting alerts of movement on my phone in the outdoor kitchen usually between 2am and 4am only. The video of the figure walking outside was January 26th 2021 at 5am-ish as Travis was leaving. I have skeptics in my house...(the explanation must be) It's a glare or a glitch."


Now, look at the zoomed in version.



Bertrand says she's not totally convinced that this is her brother Brandon, but certainly would be happy if it is. She's excited to hear what you think is going with this video as well.

As mentioned above, she says this isn't her first encounter with odd happenings since her brother passed away. Bertrand also sent us a few more videos showing orbs seemingly materializing out of nowhere and strange sounds on the last two video she says she can't explain.




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