Now that the bugs have been worked out of the new Lafayette Regional Airport terminal, the old terminal is no longer on our minds.

And soon, it won't be in our sights, either, as demolition on the old structure is moving along nicely.

According to a Tweet from the Lafayette Regional Airport, crews have been working steadily on razing the terminal building and, unlike construction, demolition work can continue in inclement weather.

Not only can demolition be done in rainy weather, but some crews also prefer having that moisture to help keep down the amount of dust created when they are busting down walls and caving in ceilings.

Lafayette Regional Airport
Lafayette Regional Airport staff photo

This is what the old Lafayette Regional Airport Terminal looked like just over a month ago on July 25, 2022:

With the completion of the newest terminal complete, removal of this terminal will make way for more tarmac/taxiway/ramp space and a green space for employees to take breaks.

Now, going on more than a month after it started, the progress made in the demolition of the old terminal is obvious.

Once the demolition of the old terminal is complete, contractors will be able to finish up on the roads and the parking areas for the new terminal so that, hopefully, we'll soon have an aesthetically-pleasing drive into the beautiful new Lafayette Regional Airport.

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