Today, Debbie Ray told me something she's never said before, she told me to shove it...Up My Nose.

It's the holidays and I've been eating up a storm.  My life is a lot stressful right now, and during these times, I almost always turn to comfort foods.  Which are almost never the most healthy foods.

Today, our friend Meagan from Travel Machine brought in a box of homemade sweets and of course I had my share.  I was eating so much of them, I actually removed the box from the control room and brought it into our lobby to be shared by all...and to get it away from my reach.

Debbie Ray left the control room while saying, 'I'm going smell the goodies Meagan brought'.  I was like, what?  'Cause you know she's been on Medifast, she looks great.  She went on to explain to me how I needed to enjoy food... Through My Nose!

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