The police department in Syracuse, New York is under fire following a video that went viral of officers detaining an 8-year-old boy after he allegedly stole a bag of chips from a convenience store.

Kenneth Jackson
Kenneth Jackson

According to the New York Post, the boy was detained on Sunday. That's when a bystander started recording when he saw a child being taken into custody. The man told the cops he would pay for the chips and to leave the boy alone. The cops continued to put the boy in the back of the cop car.

The man recording and the cops continue to talk after the boy is put in the back of the car. He was taken back home to his parents and no charges were filed. His father said that while he realizes what his son did was wrong, he thinks the police overreacted.

Watch the full video below of an 8-year-old being detained by Syracuse police.

Online reactions say the police reaction is a massive overreaction to a minor offense. Here's what the internet is saying:

The Syracuse police department and the officers involved are under investigation for this incident.

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