Southern Living Magazine sent one of its journalists to Acadiana to record a segment for the magazine's "Like a Local" series.

Mike Jordan visited with locals to see how things were done here in South Louisiana and shares his experiences in the video.

Poboys, crawfish, music and friends - he covered much of what Acadiana is all about.

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Did you know that Lafayette, Louisiana is considered "The Most Catholic City in America"? I didn't either until I read the story on Southern Living's website.

via Southern Living
via Southern Living

What else did I NOT know? That Olde Tyme Grocery only sold their crawfish poboys on Fridays. Specifically, only on Fridays during lent. 

Kelly Hires, the Communication Manager for Southern Living's parent company, sent us an email about the pilot episode of the magazine's video series. She said that Jordon came to Lafayette to "learn from locals exactly how a proper crawfish boil is done", and that's what we see in the first of the "Like a Local" series: "Lafayette, Where Crawfish Is King".

Jordon also visits with our friend Becca at Olde Tyme Grocery to see how they make their poboys, and then he went crawfishing near Crowley and get that crawfish boil lesson.

He then visited Parish Brewing in Broussard to pick up some brewskies to go with the crawfish and music from Zydeco musician Jeffery Broussard.

Jordan also got a taste of another local Brew: Reve Coffee Roasters on Jefferson in Downtown Lafayette. After that, the crew finished up their visit to Lafayette with a nice dinner just up the street at Vestal.

via Southern Living
via Southern Living

It's always nice when Acadiana gets national attention for the good stuff like our food and our Cajun and Creole Culture. Kudos to Southern Living for such a great video!

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