As we reported on August 4, a smoldering item left in a trash can sparked that kitchen fire. The blaze caused extensive damage in the kitchen, while the dining room area suffered smoke damage.

Deano's South has since reopened its doors. Now that they've lived to tell the tale of their fire, they're having a little fun at their own expense. If you pass by Deano's South, you'll see this message posted on their marquee.

Ian Auzenne/KPEL

"Come get our fire pizza," the sign reads. No, Tim Metcalf and company haven't created a new pizza called the "Fire Pizza" (though I'm sure they'll be working on one soon). For those of you not hip to the lingo, we'll let our friends at Urban Dictionary help you.

Well played, Deano's. Well played.

Speaking of the actual fire at the restaurant: Metcalf posted pictures of the rebuilding process on the Deano's South Facebook page. Here's a look at those photos.

Facebook/Deano's South
Facebook/Deano's South
Facebook/Deano's South

By the way, the restaurant is now open during its normal business hours. So you truly can check out their "fire" pizza.

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