The Take-N-Bake Pizzas are leaving the stores...for now.

In an announcement today on Facebook, Deano's Pizza owner Tim Metcalf says to "Get them while you still can" after state health officials "reinstated restrictions on restaurants."

Facebook via DeanO's South
Facebook via DeanO's South

The Take-N-Bake Pizza has been quite the success during the Coronavirus Pandemic. During a time when customers were not allowed to eat in restaurants across the state, Deano's was able to figure out a way to bring their pizzas to the customers. Over the last couple of months, several stores across Lafayette and the surrounding areas began stocking the Take-N-Bake Pizzas, allowing people to enjoy Deano's in the comfort of their own home.

I spoke with Tim Metcalf after he made the announcement. Just to be clear, he says customers can still get to-go orders from Deano's. But, the days of people being able to buy a Take-N-Bake from a local store are numbered. "Probably until Sunday," says Tim.

He also gave me the explanation given to him by the State of Louisiana:

In order to resale, you have to get a wholesale permit. In order to get a wholesale permit, you have to get a proper label. The State follows Federal guidelines on that...136 pages. You also have to have a separate facility that's approved with an office for a state inspector who will be there daily.

All products, including the Take-N-Bake Pizzas, are available at either Dean-O's locations on Bertrand Drive and Kaliste Saloom Road.

"It was a blast being able to do this," said Tim, thanking everyone. "Hopefully, we can find a way to get our products back into stores soon!"

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