First California, then Florida. Could Louisiana be next?

Doorbell licking.

You may not have known that's a thing, and as of now it's not. But it could be a thing soon.

Roberot Orroyo was caught licking a doorbell for hours on a resident's security camera in California in early January of this year. He was arrested for violating probation and prowling. (Click here if you want to see this guy in action)

Not to be outdone in weirdness, Florida now has its own doorbell - licker. This guy was caught licking a doorbell repeatedly and pointing to a stack of newspapers. No information has been released about his identity or just what he was trying to do.

It only takes a few incidents like these to kick off an epidemic of stupid. Keep an eye on your security camera footage and be sure to disinfect your doorbell if you see anyone Frenching it.

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