Folks have been blowing up every form of social media and contact information I have wanting to know the name of the place helping me to FINALLY get rid of back pain.  I talked about them this morning on the air and the response has been overwhelming.
I've suffered with chronic back pain every since an accident in early 2016 which left my spinal cord compromised and in need of at least two, possibly three surgeries.  I have limited mobility, numbness and pain everyday of my life now.  I was told I would be in a wheelchair by Christmas of 2017.
The accident was one month before my daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  So my back had to take a backseat as her health took full priority.
I've tried most everything to relieve the pain,  but only taking medicine on the days when the pain is too much to handle.  I worry about getting hooked on pain meds so I try to stay away from them.
I was recently asked if I'd try acupuncture.  i don't know why, but that had never crossed my mind, even after my daughter had success with it during her years as a UL pole vaulter.  Maybe, full disclosure, I didn't really buy into it...until now!


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