That had to hurt.

A contestant on the game show, "The Price is Right" seriously injured himself while celebrating his winnings.

Henry, who was a contestant on the show, celebrated a bit too hard and dislocated his shoulder while on the stage of the game show.

While pumping his fist in the air after winning a game, he reportedly dislocated his shoulder and had to ask his wife to spin the wheel for him.

Price is Right IG
Price is Right IG

The host of the show, Drew Carey, explained that Henriy could not spin the wheel due to his injury, and that is wife Alice would spin in for him.

Alice spun the wheel and landed on a high enough amount to propel Henry to the Showcase Showdown.

If you're wondering, Henry did win the Showcase Showdown and even won a trip to Hawaii. I assume they took the trip after he was treated for his. injury.

The Price is Right is a gameshow many grew up watching as kids and the traveling version of the show is coming to Lafayette.

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