Every gumbo recipe is different. It's those little differences in how each family makes theirs that make them all unique and all good in their own way. However, there's usually one thing they all have in common: Roux.

If you were to ask anyone what the base for their gumbo is, they would almost all say "roux" because that's the first major part of the cook for most people. Without the roux, you don't have gumbo. You have a watery, seasoned stock.

Well, according to one crossword puzzle app, "roux" is not the base of a gumbo.

attachment-crossword app gumbo clue okra or roux

Crossword Puzzle Redstone, available on the Apple and Google stores for your mobile phones, is a pretty popular game. Averaging five stars with well over 70 thousand ratings on Apple's app store, clearly, a lot of people love to solve the puzzles it offers.

But one user reached out with the above screenshot and seemed angry. When asked what the correct answer was, the user replied with "Okra."

Now, to be fair, the work "gumbo" is derived from the African word for "okra " - ki ngombo - and it has traditionally been used as a thickening agent in the south Louisiana stew. But declaring that the "base" of a gumbo seems like quite a stretch.


It's not just this one app, however. Apparently, it's not that uncommon as an answer to the clue "gumbo base." Crosswords from all over have used it.

But there's a problem.

As time has gone on, it seems like more and more people have actually moved away from using okra. Most recipes you find online also tend to skip the okra, which seems to imply it's not really a "base" so much as an "option."

When you think "base," you think "foundation." That's definitely not okra. But roux? That's more like it.

What do you think? Are the crossword puzzles wrong?

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