There appears to be a new version of the classic Monopoly game: Monopoly, Iberia Parish!

Redditor Mysteryminder posted a pic of the game with the single-word comment: "Bruh!"

Some of the "Properties" featured on the board include "Sugar Cane Festival" ($290), Avery Island Road ($250), and "Jungle Gardens ($150). In keeping with Monopoly's Socialist roots, you receive $200 just for "GO"ing to Iberia Parish (just kidding about the Socialism part)!


I have to ask, though: Is the "Contingency" square an opportunity to draw a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card? Do those work in Iberia Parish? (Here is where I put the obligatory "LOL"). LOL.

Another version of Monopoly that is local is "LSUOpoly" featuring, of course, Louisiana State University A&M.



I sure hope that there's a square on there for Louie's, and one for George's!

Which other locally-themed Monopoly games should exist? Maybe a board featuring our great restaurants? We could call it "NomNomOpoly"! Or a board featuring other hotspots, from past/present nightclubs to the best crabbing spots? The possibilities are endless.

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