A Louisiana woman is lucky to be alive, but her future is uncertain right now after her house of 50 years burned to the ground in February according to KLFY.

Would you know how to start over if you were 84 years old?

Mary Ledet's life changed forever on Tuesday, February 27. The woman says she woke up to her home totally consumed by fire, and she couldn't see anything.

Mary Ledet
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Ledet says she prayed to the Lord to help her get out of the burning home, and eventually she was able to escape the flames. Her home and everything in it was lost in the fire.

She told KLFY,

I jumped up. I couldn't see to get out the door. I kept saying, 'Lord, help me, help me to find the doorknob.

In addition to losing all of her belongings, Ledet lost four of her eight pets in the fire.

Ledet's Burnt Home 1
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According to officials, issues with the hot water tank ended up leading to a fire that burned everything to the ground.

Ledet says she has lived in her Iberia Parish home for 50 years.

She lost very important things including things she needs in everyday life, like her dentures, eyeglasses, and hearing aid.

Burnt Wood from House Fire
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It can be hard to ask for help, but when you lose your home of 50 years, Ledet says it's something that is now her reality. She says,

I know I need help. I don't know how, but with the help of the Lord. I guess He will show me the way.

Now, we do know that someone helped Ledet set up a GoFundMe account. On the page, this is what she wrote,

Hi, my name is Mary Ledet, I'm 84 years old. I lost my home, car, and all my belongings in my house that caught fire due to the hot water heater bursting. My home is completely destroyed. Both cars were also lost. I have nothing. These funds would be used to buy clothes, hearing aids, and other items for daily living. Funds would also help to remove burnt debris from property. May God bless you Thanks.

Rubble from House Fire
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