We're still a few days out, but some weather models show a strong cold front pushing further southward as we approach Halloween in south Louisiana.

An Arctic cold front will have much of the northern states in the United States at or below freezing for Halloween, but will this cold front reach Louisiana as kids prepare for Trick-or-Treating?

Well, timing will be everything, but some weather models are suggesting that this strong cold front could bring snow flurries to some parts of the country for Halloween, as for we here in Louisiana, I highly doubt that we see snow flurries to end October, but much cooler temperatures are a possibility.


We will continue to watch for more updates on this strong cold front as we move through the week, but who wouldn't welcome a cool Halloween?

After all, I can recall as a kid going door to door on Halloween night and sweating while under my costume. So, a cooler Halloween this year would make Trick-or-Treating much more exciting and pleasurable for those taking part in the fun.

Here are some weather models and reports that I came across on social media that show a strong cold front pushing southward as we approach the end of October.


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