Former LSU Coach Ed Orgeron may be "retired" for now, but he hasn't given up on his physique.

The National Championship-winning coach isn't currently coaching football, but that hasn't stopped him from working out and working on his fitness.

Coach O has always been a "stocking man" and has always been in great shape for his age, but as you'll see in the ad below, Coach O may have taken his fitness to a whole new level after walking away from the LSU football program.


If you recall, we have seen Coach O several times in Florida running and fans have documented his runs on various occasions.

Here's that one time a fan caught Coach O go getting his run in while on vacation in Destin, FL.

In any case, Coach O is not one to mess with at his age. After all, this man is in better shape than most who are half his age.

Never forget the look that he gave a group of college kids while out on vacation. Apparently, they made a comment he didn't approve of, and the shirtless coach gave them the look of death. Remember this moment?

Now, let's get to the latest video of Coach O that has the internet buzzing about the former head coach of the Tigers.

Check out Coach Orgeron showing off his physique in this promotional ad for sportswear.


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