Coach O is living life after his days at LSU.

The former Tigers coach has gone viral on TikTok after he was spotted chatting with a couple of ladies on the beach, while they were in bikinis.

You can hear the National Championship-winning coach ask each of the young ladies their name, and then he introduces them to his fiance, who standing by his side.

I don't know if this video has gone viral because of Coach O or if the girls in small bikinis had anything to do with it.

Texas A&M v LSU
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One thing is certain, Coach O is tanned, fit, and enjoying life after his days at LSU.

Some reports out say that if offered the job at Northwestern, the former LSU coach would consider getting back into coaching.

Ed Orgeron, who is from south Louisiana, won the National Championship with LSU in 2019 but was later let go from the university after several allegations came to the surface.

Know for his recruiting skills, it doesn't look like Coach O has lost a step in his ability. See what we did there?

Here's the viral video of Coach O conversing with the ladies on the beach.


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