'I'm One Of CJ's Sugahs' shirts arrived Friday during the Polyester Power Hour, thank you Hulco Printers!

This all started by me calling my friend Mr. Sammy Guilbeaux Sugah.  Of course, Mr.Sammy being the owner of the original Southside Bakery.  Well, I just started calling people Sugah on Facebook.  Then on the air.

One day I was taking about calling folks Sugah on the radio, and just happen to say that I should have some shirts made.  What seemed like only 5 minutes later, a Facebook friend/listener of KTDY named Kelli Guidry sent me a mock up of what she thought the shirts should look like.  It was PERFECT!  One call to my friend Obie Hulin from Hulco

Townsquare, CJ

Printers and the shirts became a reality.

Shawn from Hulco delivered the first hundred Friday morning during the Polyester Power Hour.  And of course, as always, they were perfect!  Kelli's design was now in my hands.

The Faulks from Louisiana Hot Stuff was nice enough to be the exclusive outlet to sell

Linda Faulk

these shirts.  The sale of these shirts will help send children with juvenile diabetes to Camp Victory at no cost to their family.  Oh, and yes indeed some will be given away on the air!

I never though anyone would want a shirt with my name on it.  Thank you for being so kind.  You guys are such a blessing to me.

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