I came across this story on Facebook and immediately knew I needed to tell everyone I came in contact with about this amazing young man right here in Lafayette.

Meet Emile:

Emile has organized his Hot Cocoa Fundraiser for 4 years now and each year the event gets bigger and better than the year before.

Emile had a dream to bring holiday cheer to Lafayette and that cheer has not only spread it has started a ripple effect throughout the community.

“I got started by just having a simple idea of having a hot cocoa stand to spread joy around Lafayette.  I then realized I could also raise money and give it to organizations that help others in need.  Now I do it every year to help our community have a fun time while also helping others.-Emile”

This year Emile is hoping to raise $10,000 to donate to the Junior League of Lafayette. He is hoping to not only hit this goal but to exceed it.

“This year I am donating to Junior League of Lafayette because I feel that they really work hard to help Lafayette. I hope that my donation helps them grow to help more people in our community.-Emile”

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Emile's 4th Annual Holiday Hot Cocoa Fundraiser is being held on Friday, December 9, 2022, from 5-7 pm in Bendel Gardens. There will be live music from Coteau Grove Band, food trucks, and of course hot cocoa.

This is a free event but everyone is encouraged to donate $5 for some delicious Hot Cocoa. There is also an annual custom mug that is available for $20 as well (and they are so cute.)


Attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs and drinks and come out to celebrate the holiday season, raise funds for a good cause, and to celebrate this amazing young man who is making a difference in the Lafayette community.

I'll leave you with this quote from Emile. I wanted to know what other organizations he has donated to and this was his answer.

“The first year I donated to St. Joseph’s Diner (Catholic Charities of Acadiana) to help the homeless have healthy food for the holidays.  The next year I donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of Acadiana because they give children a safe place to stay after school when their parents don’t have time to pick them up.  Last year I donated to American Cancer Society because they are fighting against cancer, and it affects so many people’s live – including my granny who is a survivor.-Emile”


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