Last week a fire destroyed the home of a Lafayette Parish family. The house literally burnt to the ground according to KLFY.

To the horror of Georgina Semar they were driving down the road when a neighbor called them to say that their house had gone up in flames. Mrs. Semar says when she looked out the windows of the car she could actually see that something was on fire.

When they got home, they found their house was engulfed in flames, and unfortunately, there would be nothing left of their home on McCall Road.

Home Fire 2
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How Do You Start Over?

Semar says friends, family, and neighbors have been helping as much as they can, but her son Bradley did decide to start a Go Fund Me account for his family. It's got to be overwhelming when you have nothing left of your home. You will never be able to replace the photographs and family heirlooms.

The Semar family is trying to get back on their feet, and they are hoping people might be willing to help by donating to their Go Fund Me account.

Georgina Semar told says,

I never dreamed we would experience this. We are just trying to come together. I appreciate everything everybody is doing for us. I really am. We are just trying to get back on our feet.

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Semar says one thing is for sure, the family is sticking together through this tragedy. She wants people to know that she is very grateful for the help they have already received.

They also want first responders to know how much they appreciate them as well. The family is continuing to pick up the pieces. The family is on a fixed income.

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