The Texas Panhandle is burning and the videos on social media are heartbreaking.

Thousands of people are without power or have been evacuated after a wildfire has scorched over 300,000 acres of land in Texas.

With high winds in the area, the fires cannot be contained and sadly so many homes and businesses are now in the path of this inferno.


In Louisiana, the State Fire Marshal's Office is advising residents to not burn anything outdoors because of the dry/windy conditions here too. Several local fire departments are reporting an increase in calls for grass or brush fires.

Getting back to our neighbors to the west of us, one Texas official got into a fire truck and rode across a bridge as a major fire roared its ugly head below, and the video is heart-wrenching.

Check out how severe things are in parts of Texas as dry conditions allow for these fires to rage.

Here's more footage of the fires raging across parts of Texas. Sadly, even livestock in the state of Texas are now in danger as fires move closer.

Here are cattle running for their lives as the fire approaches.


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