Law enforcement officials say a Baton Rouge woman was arrested after setting fires at a home on two separate occasions according to WBRZ.

According to reports, the woman came to this home on Byron Street on March 3 to speak to the homeowner. She came to talk to the homeowner, but it's what happened the next day that was bizarre. That's when it is alleged that Jenette Green had broken windows of the home.

The person who owns the home says not only were windows broken, but curtains were on fir in the home, and the 25-year-old Green was parked outside of the home.

Things did not stop at that point according to the report.

By March 5, Geen was back at the home and when the homeowner went up to her car to speak to him, she maced him.

She is then accused of getting out of the car, running around the house, and setting a chair on fire which was near the home's hot water heater.

The homeowner says that's when Green also went around the outside of the house breaking more windows.

As the case continued to unfold, an officer with Baton Rouge police tried to call Green on her cellphone on March 6, but she blocked the call.

Police say on March 7 she went back to the home on Byron Stree to break more windows.

She was taken into custody and arrested on Saturday, March 9 on two counts of aggravated arson according to officials.

No one was injured in these arson incidents. WAFB reports that Green's aunt's ex-boyfriend is the person who lives at the home.

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