Happy Friday Acadiana. After showers this morning, it'll be almost 80 degrees. The weather's not making it feel a lot like Christmas, but no worries, KTDY is getting you in the Christmas spirit with All Christmas Through Christmas.

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Today is National Saint Nicholas Day, Microwave Oven Day, Miner's Day, Gazpacho Day, Faux Fur Friday, Bartender Day, and Pawnbrokers Day. Tomorrow is Cotton Candy Day and Sunday is National Brownie Day.


1,674 years ago - In 345 A.D., the real St. Nicholas died.  He secretly gave gifts to poor brides-to-be.

154 years ago - In 1865, the 13th Amendment was ratified and slavery was abolished.

135 years ago - In 1884, the Washington Monument was completed.

78 years ago - In 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt appealed for peace to Emperor Hirohito of Japan.  Pearl Harbor was bombed the next day.

55 years ago - In 1964, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" first aired on NBC.  It still runs as a Christmas classic.

50 years ago - In 1969, "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam hit #1.  You can hear it this weekend at any bar doing Kareoke.

40 years ago - In 1979, the first "Star Trek" movie premiered.

31 years ago - In 1988, the great Roy Orbison died of a heart attack.  He was only 52.

25 years ago - In 1994, Bush released their debut album "Sixteen Stone".


Johnny "Football" Manziel is 27.

Ashley Madekwe is 38.

Sarah Rafferty is 47.

Ulf Ekberg from Ace of Base is 49.

Judd Apatow is 52.

Colin Salmon is 57.

Debbie Rowe is 61.

Peter Buck is 63.

Steven Wright is 64.

Tom Hulce is 66.

JoBeth Williams is 71.

Randy Rhoads  (1956 - 1982).

Ryan White  (1971 - 1990)  Young hemophiliac AIDS hero.

Agnes Moorehead  (1900 - 1974).


• 19 days until Christmas.

• 25 days until New Year's Eve.


Today: 30% chance for rain, 79.

Tonight: Cloudy, turning cooler, 52.

Saturday: Cloudy, 64.

Sunday: Cloudy, 68.

Monday: 40% chance for rain, 79.

Have a wonderful weekend!

cj and jenn






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