Good morning Acadiana. CJ and Jenn in the Morning were just talking on the air about how folks can sometimes be rude around the holidays, a time when you would think people would be nicer. Don't let those people ruin your day. Today is going to be a great day. Sunny early, clouds roll in later in the day, 70.

Today CJ and Jenn will have C'mon Drew t-shirts before 8:00 AM and Cher tickets at 9:20 AM.

Today is National Repeal Day, International Ninja Day, Sacher Torte Day and Bathtub Party Day.


228 years ago - In 1791, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died under mysterious circumstances at age 35.  It may have been a kidney infection.

165 years ago - In 1854, Aaron Allen patented the theater chair.  You know, the folding chairs in almost every theater around the world.

68 years ago - In 1951, the first remote-controlled garage door opener was used in Washington, D.C.

64 years ago - In 1955, the black community of Montgomery, Alabama, launched their "Bus Boycott".  And the South was awakened.

55 years ago - In 1964, "Ringo", by Lorne Greene, hit #1 on the singles chart.

51 years ago - In 1968, USC student O.J. Simpson won the Heisman Trophy.

39 years ago - In 1980, John Lennon gave what would be his last interview.  The interview was by "Rolling Stone" magazine.  Three days later he was shot and killed at the entrance to the Dakota in New York.

35 years ago - In 1984, "Beverly Hills Cop" was released.

23 years ago - In 1996, Madeleine Albright was nominated as the first female Secretary of State. She served from January 1997 until 2001.

11 years ago - In 2008, O.J. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison after being convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping.


Frankie Muniz is 34.

Lauren London is 35.

Keri Hilson is 37.

Adan Canto is 38.

Jessica Paré is 39.

Nick Stahl is 40.

Amy Acker is 43.

Paula Patton is 44.

Margaret Cho is 51.

Gary Allan is 52.

Johnny Rzeznik is 54.

Jack Russell is 59.

Brian Backer is 63.

Morgan Brittany is 68.

Jim Messina is 72.

Jose Carreras is 73.

Little Richard is 87.  

Walt Disney  (1901 - 1966).

General George Custer  (1839 - 1876).


• 20 days until Christmas.

• 26 days until New Year's Eve.


Today: Sunny early, 70.

Tonight: Cloudy, 58.

Friday: 40% chance for rain early, 76.

Saturday: Cloudy, 64.

Sunday: 70.

Monday: 40% chance for rain, 78.

Have a great day!

cj and jenn






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