Good morning Sugahs. It's almost Friday. Today is National Ding-A-Ling Day.  I kid you not, lol.  Sunny early, clouds later. Slight chance for rain, 61.  And you have until 8 AM this morning to enter our Ultimate Who Dat Experience giveaway.  See the black and gold in the Superdome for the last home game of the regular season.  Just have the KTDY app on your phone.

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Today CJ and Jenn in the Morning will have more 'C'mon Drew' t-shirts and tickets to see the 'Nutcracker' in the Heymann Center.

Today is National Ding-A-Ling Day, Gingerbread House Day, Poinsettia Day and Ambrosia Day.


197 years ago - In 1822, Mexico was officially recognized as an Independent Nation by the U.S.

120 years ago - In 1899, The golf tee was patented. Before the golf tee, golfers teed off from a mound of sand till a black dentist named Dr. George Grant invented the golf tee.

62 years ago - In 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis killed his career when he married his 13-year-old cousin, Myra Gale Brown. He was not divorced from his second wife at the time.  He was on a path to be bigger than Elvis. After he and Myra married, his career stalled.

62 years ago - In 1957, DJ Al Priddy of KEX in Portland, Oregon was fired for playing Elvis Presley's version of "White Christmas". The station manager deemed it sacrilegious because of Presley's demeanor on stage and the fact that Bing Crosby's version was the National standard.

56 years ago - In 1963, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy: A Memorial Album" became the fastest-selling record of all time.  In six days, four million copies were sold.

52 years ago - In 1967, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" was released.

45 years ago - In 1974, "The Godfather:  Part II" premiered in New York.

45 years ago - In 1974, guitarist Mick Taylor quit the Rolling Stones. At the time of his departure, he was addicted to heroin. When he started with the band, he didn't smoke or drink and was a vegetarian. Who was his replacement?  Ron Wood of course.

44 years ago - In 1975, Sara Jane Moore received a life sentence for trying to kill Presiden Gerald Ford.  She was released on parole in 2007.

13 years ago - In 2006, Peter Boyle died at the age of 71.


Lucas Hedges is 23.

Erica Dahm is 42.

Mayim Bialik is 44.

Hank Williams the Third is 47.

Regina Hall is 49.

Jennifer Connelly is 49.

Mädchen Amick is 49.

Eric Schenkman from the Spin Doctors is 56.

Susan Powter is 62.

Sheila E. is 62.

Bill Nighy is 70.

Dickey Betts is 76.

Dionne Warwick is 79.

Connie Francis is 81.

Bob Barker is 96.

Ed Koch  (1924 - 2013)

Frank Sinatra  (1915 - 1998)


• 13 days until Christmas.

• 19 days until New Year's Eve.


Today: Sunny early, 10% chance for rain later, 61.

Tonight: Cloudy, 49.

Friday: 20% chance for rain, 69.

Saturday: Sunny, 70.

Sunday: Sunny, 74.

Monday: 70% chance for rain, 75.

Have a great day!

cj and jenn


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