Brrrr, it's getting cold.  Oh, good morning everyone. Today is National Cappuccino Day and Parents As Teachers Day.  The 34th Annual Cracklin Festival is this weekend in Port Barre, La. and CJ and Jenn in the Morning are dedicating the Polyester Power Hour to the Lion Club's Cracklin Festival this morning.


132 years ago - In 1887, Wyatt Earp's friend Doc Holliday died of tuberculosis at a sanitarium in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He was just 36.

130 years ago - In 1889, Montana was made the 41st state of the union.

124 years ago - In 1895, Bavarian scientist Wilhelm Roentgen was conducting an electricity experiment when his machine overheated and started emitting rays. After a few hours, Roentgen figured out what was going on and used the device to take the first X-Ray images. He never patented his invention and never made a dime from it.

109 years ago - In 1910, William H. Frost of Spokane, Washington, patented the insect zapper.

62 years ago - In 1957, "Jailhouse Rock" starring Elvis Presley was released.

59 years ago - In 1960, John F. Kennedy became the nation's first Catholic president when he defeated Richard Nixon

54 years ago - In 1965, "Days of Our Lives" premiered on NBC.

48 years ago - In 1971, Led Zeppelin released "Led Zeppelin IV" featuring "Stairway to Heaven".

46 years ago - In 1973, Disney's animated version of "Robin Hood" was released.

31 years ago - In 1988, George Bush the first became president after defeating Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

25 years ago - In 1994, George W. Bush was elected Governor of Texas.

19 years ago - In 2000, Vice President Al Gore telephoned Texas Governor George W. Bush to concede victory in the presidential race but called back about an hour later to retract his concession and kick off the Florida ballot-counting chaos.

9 years ago - In 2010, Conan O'Brien returned to late-night TV with his TBS show "Conan".


Lauren Alaina is 25.

Jack Osbourne is 34.

Dania Ramirez is 40.

Tara Reid is 44.

Matthew Rhys is 45.

Gretchen Mol is 47.

Tech N9ne is 48.

Parker Posey is 51.

Courtney Thorne-Smith is 52.

Gordon Ramsay is 53.

Leif Garrett is 58.

Rickie Lee Jones is 65.

Alfre Woodard is 67.

Bonnie Raitt is 70.

Darla Hood  (1931 - 1979)

Esther Rolle  (1920 - 1998)

Morley Safer  (1931 - 2016)

Margaret Mitchell (1900 - 1949)


S.T.E.M/S.T.E.A.M. Day 

Harvey Wallbanger Day

Cappuccino Day

Parents As Teachers Day 


Tomorrow is Fried Chicken Sandwich Day

Sunday is Sesame Street Day 

Monday is Veterans Day


Today: 10% chance for rain, 52.

Tonight: Clearing, 36.

Saturday: Sunny, 63.

Sunday: Sunny, 71.

28 degrees Wednesday morning.

Have a fantastic weekend.






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