It is cold. The temp in Acadiana is 25 degrees at this hour.  Partly cloudy today, 50.  Tonight will be a little warmer, only 37 degrees tonight.

Today is National World Kindness Day and Indian Pudding Day. And it's Wineaux Wednesday on KTDY.  Our friend Dana will be in to give us a short education on wine parings and tell us about Wineaux - A Sipping Event happening st Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville November 15.


230 years ago - In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to a friend in which he said, "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

79 years ago - In 1940, Walt Disney's "Fantasia" premiered in New York. It was not a hit.  Disney re-released it in 1969 and unlike 1940, it was a huge hit.

73 years ago - In 1946, inventor Vincent Schaeffer tried out his new creation, Artificial Snow.

63 years ago - In 1956, The Supreme Court struck down laws calling for Racial Segregation on public buses.

45 years ago - In 1974, Karen Silkwood was killed in a suspicious car accident, on her way to deliver evidence to a reporter of numerous safety violations at an Oklahoma nuclear plant.  The movie "Silkwood" starring Meryl Streep was about her.  

37 years ago - In 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington D.C.  There are over 58,000 names on that wall.  Name of men and women who lost their lives during the Vietnam War.

21 years ago - In 1998, Bill Clinton agreed to pay Paula Jones $850,000 to throw out her sexual harassment lawsuit.

18 years ago- In 2001, Shakira released her first English language album, "Laundry Service".

Three years ago - In 2016, Leon Russell died in his sleep at the age of 74.


Julia Michaels is 26.

Devon Bostick is 28.

Monique Coleman is 39.

Aisha Hinds is 44.

Noah Hathaway is 48.

Gerard Butler is 50.

Jimmy Kimmel is 52.

Steve Zahn is 52.

Neil Flynn is 59.

Whoopi Goldberg is 64.

Chris Noth is 65.

Frances Conroy is 66.

Tracy Scoggins is 66.

Joe Mantegna is 72.

Garry Marshall  (1934 - 2016).


Hug A Musician Day

World Kindness Day

Indian Pudding Day 


8 days until the Great American Smokeout

15 days until Thanksgiving

42 days until Christmas


Today: Partly Cloudy, 50.

Tonight: Cloudy, 37.

Thursday: 60% chance for rain, 48.

Friday: Sunny, 56.

Saturday: Sunny, 58.

Sunday: Sunny, 60.

Have a great day.  Stay warm.







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