Good morning Acadiana. Don't you worry for one second about the rain, it will be out of Lafayette soon becoming partly cloudy, 69.

Last day for the KTDY Cash Codes, so make today the day you win. Three people will win between $500 and $5000 today. The KTDY Cash Codes will air today at 7:20 AM, 12:20 PM and 5:20 PM.

Today our Polyester Power Hour is an All Christmas Poly Po Ho to get you in the holiday spirit.

Today is National Tie One On Day, Jukebox Day, Bavarian Cream Pie Day and Craft Jerky Day.


52 years ago- In 1967, The Beatles released "Magical Mystery Tour".

45 years ago- In 1974, Carl Douglas' classic "Kung Fu Fighting" went Gold.

41 years ago- In 1978, "The White Shadow" debuted on CBS.

39 years ago- In 1980, "Bosom Buddies", featuring superstar Peter Scolari and some guy named Tom Hanks, debuted on ABC.

38 years ago- In 1981, The British Phonographic Industry, with the endorsement of rock stars like Elton John10cc and the Boomtown Rats, placed ads in the British press claiming, quote, "Home taping is wiping out music."

6 years ago - In 2013, the first "Frozen" movie was released. It made just under $1.3 billion worldwide. "Frozen 2" has already cleared $371 million in its first week.


Aubrey Peeples is 26.

Alison Pill is 34.

Jaleel White is 43.

Sharlto Copley is 46.

Twista is 46.

Elizabeth Marvel is 50.

Michael Vartan is 51.

Robin Givens is 55.

Fisher Stevens is 56.

Steve Oedekerk is 58.

Caroline Kennedy is 62.

William Fichtner is 63.

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" is 64.

Curtis Armstrong is 66. 

Kathryn Bigelow is 68.

James Avery  (1945 - 2013).

Jimi Hendrix (1942 - 1970).

Eddie Rabbitt  (1941 - 1998).

Bruce Lee  (1940 - 1973).

Davey Boy Smith  (1962 - 2002).


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

2 more days until Black Friday.

28 days until Christmas.


Today: Rain ending early, 69.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, 53.

Thanksgiving: Partly cloudy, 70.

Black Friday: Partly Cloudy, 74.

Saturday: 60% chance for rain, 80.

Sunday: Clear, 66.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

cj and jenn





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