Good morning Acadiana. Everyone surviving the time change? Today the weather is not going to help your sleepiness. Cloudy today (most of the week actually), 30% chance for rain, 73.


Barbie Day

Crab Meat Day

Get Over It Day

Meatball Day

Napping Day


458 years ago - In 1562, Naples, Italy revoked a ban on kissing. Until this day in 1562, kissing in Naples was punishable by death.

188 years ago - In 1832, an Illinois lawyer ran for his first political office and lost. He lost 4 more campaigns/elections but never gave up. His name was Abraham Lincoln.

61 years ago - In 1959, Barbie first appeared on store shelves.

33 years ago - In 1987, U2 released 'The Joshua Tree.

24 years ago - In 1996, George Burns died of natural causes. He had just turned 100.

23 years ago - In 1997, The Notorious B.I.G. was shot to death.


Bow Wow is 33. Rapper/Actor.

Brittany Snow is 34. Actor.

Oscar Isaac is 41. Poe Dameron in the new 'Star Wars' movies.

Kerr Smith is 48. Jack McPhee on 'Dawson's Creek'.

Emmanuel Lewis is 49.  'Webster'.

Brian Bosworth is 55. Former football player/Actor.

Kato Kaelin is 61. Actor/Radio.

Jeffrey Osborne is 72. Singer.

Charles Gibson is 77. Former host of 'Good Morning America' and ABC's 'World News Tonight.

Mark Lindsay is 78. Paul Revere & The Raiders' lead singer.

Mickey Gilley is 84. Country singer.

Raul Julia  (1940 - 1994) Gomez Addams in the 'Addams Family' movies.


• 8 days until Saint Patrick's Day.

• 5 days until Patty In The Parc.

• 23 days until April Fools' Day.


Today: 30% chance for rain, 73.

Tonight: 40% chance for rain, 62.

Tuesday: 40% chance for rain, 75.

Wednesday: 10% chance for rain, 78.

Thursday: 10% chance for rain, 80.

Friday: 40% chance for rain, 77.

Cloudy and muggy all week.

Have a great day!

cj and jenn


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