Good morning Sugahs. It's Monday. It's also Presidents Day. I wonder if George Washington ever thought Presidents Day would become a day to get a great deal on a new mattress? (lol) Keep in mind Monday is no different than any other day of the workweek. We need to stop hatin' on poor Monday. Dense fog advisory this morning, light rain and 73 today. Acadiana will have rain through Thursday, clearing on Friday.

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Cabbage Day

Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Presidents Day

87 years ago - In 1933, 'Newsweek' was first published.

60 years ago - In 1960, Elvis Presley received his first gold record, for the album "Elvis". And that started the Presley ball rolling and it hasn't stopped yet.

52 years ago - In 1968, the Basketball Hall of Fame opened in Springfield, Massachusetts.

48 years ago - In 1972, Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' was played for the first time to a crowd at London's Rainbow Theater. The album didn't come out until a year later. It is the longest-charting rock album of all time staying on the 'Billboard' chart 303 weeks.

24 years ago - In 1996, world chess champion Garry Kasparov won his six-game match against the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue.

7 years ago - In 2013, country singer Mindy McCready took her own life. Her ex-boyfriend had taken his own life just a month prior.

6 years ago - In 2014, Jimmy Fallon took over as host of 'The Tonight Show'.


Ed Sheeran is 29. Singer

Bonnie Wright is 29. Ginny Weasley in the 'Harry Potter' movies.

Chord Overstreet is 31. Sam on 'Glee'.

Paris Hilton is 39. She's worth $300 million.

Jason Ritter is 40. He's the late John Ritter's son.

Jerry O'Connell is 46. Actor married to Rebecca Romijn.

Billie Joe Armstrong is 48. Green Day singer.

Denise Richards is 49. Charlie Sheen's ex.

Dominic Purcell is 50. 'Prison Break".

Michael Jordan is 57. Basketball great worth 1.9 billion.

Larry The Cable Guy is 57.

Lou Diamond Phillips is 58. Actor.

Hal Holbrook is 95. Legendary actor.


• 8 days until Mardi Gras.

• 19 days until Daylight Saving Time.

• 43 days until April Fools' Day.


Today: Dense Fog Advisory till mid-morning. 50% chance for light rain, 73.

Tonight: 30% chance for rain, 66.

Tuesday: 50% chance for rain, 76.

Wednesday: 60% chance for rain, 60.

Thursday: 70% chance for rain, 53.

Friday: Clearing, 57.

Have a great day.

cj and jenn




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