Good morning Sugahs. We made it to Tuesday. Rain moves in overnight. Today is National Have Fun At Work Day, so do it! Here's everything you need to start your day.

This morning on KTDY we announced the lineup for Patty in the Parc Saturday, March 14.  The lineup includes Wayne Toups, L.A. Roxx and Sir Mix-A-Lot.  Tickets are available at

Today is National Data Privacy Day, Blueberry Pancake Day, Have Fun At Work Day, Kazoo Day and Plan For Vacation Day.


207 years ago- In 1813, "Pride and Prejudice" was released.

142 years ago- In 1878, the first telephone switchboard went online in New Haven, Connecticut.

35 years ago- In 1985, dozens of music's top stars recorded "We Are The World".

34 years ago- In 1986, The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded.

22 years ago- In 1998, Tracy Lawrence was convicted of battery for beating his wife. He was sentenced to pay $500 to a Las Vegas shelter for battered women.


Ariel Winter is 22. Alex Dunphy on "Modern Family".

J. Cole is 35.  Rapper.

Nick Carter is 40.  Backstreet Boy.

Joey Fatone is 43.  'N SYNC and "Dancing with the Stars".

Rick Ross is 44. Rapper.

Sarah McLachlan is 52. Singer.

Barbi Benton is 70."Hee Haw" star.

Mikhail Baryshnikov is 72. Legendary ballet dancer.

Alan Alda is 84.  Hawkeye Pierce on "M*A*S*H".

Days Till...

• 5 days until Groundhog Day.

• 17 days until Valentine's Day.

• 40 days until Daylight Saving Time starts.


Today: 50% chance for rain late, 63.

Tonight: 90% chance for rain, 50.

Wednesday: 30% chance for rain early, 61.

Thursday: 20% chance for rain, 63.

Friday: 60% chance for rain, 57.

Have fun at work today!

cj and jenn


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